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Planetary Gearbox

The planetary reduction gearbox, also known as the planetary reduction motor, is actually a power transmission mechanism that uses the speed converter of the gear to reduce the rotation of the motor to the desired number of revolutions and obtain a larger torque. The gear with fewer teeth on the transmission shaft of the planetary reduction motor meshes with the large gear on the output shaft to achieve deceleration.

Usually, a planetary reduction motor will have several pairs of gears meshing with the same principle to achieve the expected reduction effect, and the ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.

Planets, as the name suggests, rotate around stars, so planetary gearmotors are like this. There are three planetary gears rotating around one solar wheel in the gearmotor.

Modular Gearbox

  • Large load-bearing capacity with a compact size.
  • Pure torque transmission ensures smooth operation.
  • High transmission efficiency with only a 3% efficiency loss between each gear stage.
  • Steady power output, making it suitable for large machinery and vehicle transmissions.

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