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High-Quality Custom OEM Motor Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

At Power Electric, we maintain an extensive network of OEM motor manufacturers to help customers source power generation solutions for many common, and some not-so-common, applications. Our experts work closely with you to source OEM motors that meet your specific operational and feature-based requirements.

OEM Motor Features & Solutions

No matter the features you require in your OEM motors, you can rest assured our team can help you source the right motors. Look to our experienced motor specialists when you need motors that offer:

  • Quiet operation
  • Durability
  • High-precision gears
  • Plastic housing and gears
  • Flexible speeds
  • Energy Star compliance
  • IP ratings for application requirements
  • Extreme environmental operations

Meeting Your Unique Requirements, Every Time

Many current and emerging applications are robotic and must operate precisely, efficiently and accurately. It’s more important than ever to work with a company that can meet your specific needs. Turn to our experts for help sourcing, designing and customizing motors for a wide range of OEM applications, including:

motor on automotive


We offer an extensive range of automotive stepper motors with custom options to deliver the highest performance within the toughest environments. The applicaions include adaptive headlight systems, steering wheel vibration, cluster gauges, fuel pump, adjustment for mirror, door, sunroof and seats ,and more

Smart Home

We offer motors for vacuum cleaner, hard floor cleaner, air purifier, electric curtain, smart toilet. electric sofa, sensor trash can, smart lock, smart switch, wifi fan, smart home blinds, smart camera, smart kettle, ..
Motor for Robotics


Motors are one of the primary mechanisms by which robots move. Some motors can be attached to wheels that drive a robot around. Other motors might cause joints in a robot limb to move. Yet others might move the control surfaces of a robotic airplane or submarine. Electric motors for robotic applications including: power drives, servomechanisms, and remote control devices.
Motor on Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Electronically controlled movements can be found almost everywhere. The huge variety of miniature motors mirrors the broad spectrum of potential applications. In the field of miniature drives in particular, DongHui offers a range of powerful standard products that can easily master tasks in everyday Consumer electronics applications.
Food & Beverage Equipment

Food & Beverage Equipment

Electric motors and gear motors for food and beverage applications including: cappuccino machines, hot and cold beverage dispensers, and hot dog cookers and more.
Motor on medical and health care

Medical & Health Care

DongHui can provide a motion solution that is designed for your specific application requirements. We understand that compact size, precision, efficiency, and quiet operation are critical in the medical field, and our high-torque density brushless DC motors, compact DC gearmotors and precision DC motor drives are designed to exceed your expectations.
Lighting Innovations

Lighting Innovations

SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for IoT), is the Industry’s first LED light capable of automatically adjusting light distribution angles, pan, tilt, dimming intensity and zoom, all from the palm of your hand. SALIOT can be manipulated with a smartphone based application providing one-touch controls.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial machines are becoming ever more complex with regard to functionality and design, while their size remains the same. DongHui motion control systems provide the full range of functions of complete positioning systems with minimum space and wiring requirements. They feature high power density, high torque density, fast acceleration, high efficiency, and an extremely long operating life cycle.

Smart City Solutions

Smart City technologies provide services and solutions for many proliferating urban problems, including transportation, environment, and housing. To be considered a Smart City, it should be able to offer a convenient and comfortable life using key Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, 5G telecommunications and data analysis. Smart cities with smart motors are the key to sustainability.