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Motor and Gear Motor Development Solution

Upgrading or developing new product technology can present tremendously valuable opportunities for OEMs along with potentially significant inherent risks.  DongHui’s proven 5-step Solution Development Process ensures successful custom motor and gear motor project outcomes while eliminating financial, timing, and sustainability risks for our clients.

  • Key Application Requirements – Technical
  • Financial Objectives
  • Program Schedule & Milestones
  • Lead Time & Inventory Goals
  • Resource Availability
  • Budgetary Solution Proposal
    • Drawings
    • Performance Specifications
    • Factory Location
    • Develop Timeline
    • Solution Pricing
  • Test & Approval Plan
  • Deliver Samples
  • Complete Proof of Concept Testing
  • Finalize Design for Production
  • Supply Agreement
  • Build Production Intent Samples
  • First Article Inspection & Approval
  • Complete Qualification Testing
  • Obtain Agency Approvals (if necessary)
  • Define Production Schedule
  • Finalize QC Plan
  • Execute Inventory Plan
  • Inspect & Approve Initial Production Build
  • Ongoing Business Update Meetings