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Advantages of DC Motors over AC Motors

The majority of electrical power industries rely on induction motors. Some reports showed that 70 percent of electric motors use DC motor control methods. But you must be thinking about “why choosing a DC motor” is a better option. Well, it’s because of the highly efficient working of DC motors. However, choosing a DC motor vs. AC motor also depends on your budget.

If we look at the difference between DC and AC motors, DC motors have more advantages and practical applications than conventional AC motors. Besides the benefits of an electric DC motor, there are certain limitations in which it’s not suitable to use a DC motor. Choosing the appropriate motor for your system saves energy and operational cost.

Let’s discuss how DC motors are beneficial over AC motors and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both motor types.

DC Motor vs. AC Motor

DC motors are those having higher starting torque as well as spontaneous stopping and starting time. Such motors are often cheaper to use. You can easily reverse these motors and vary their speed according to needs. DC motors and renewable energy sources are highly valuable in portable marine and solar systems.

According to the latest DC motor innovation, these are highly sustainable and cost-effective motors. With such DC motors, the shelf life of devices increases. It has wonderful uses in elevators, vacuums, fabrication units, sporting equipment, and sewing machines as per DC motor future trends.

On the other hand, AC motors are more powerful than DC motors. There is a need for less maintenance, less energy, and less power for the functioning of the AC motor. Such motors come with under-control accelerators and fantastic durability.

But DC motor torque control is more reliable and accurate than AC motors. Fans, appliances, air conditioners, irrigation pumps, compressor drives, hydraulic pumps, computers, and conveyor systems. You need to choose the right motor for uninterrupted power production. DC motor history is a high-performing, budget-friendly, low-maintenance solution for electronic devices.

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Advantages of DC Motor

Brushless DC Motor

Let’s explore the advantages of brushless DC motors having an edge over AC motors.

  • Higher DC Motor Torque

One of the greatest advantages of a DC motor is its high torque. DC motor applications are found to increase electrical traction due to this high torque. You can use this motor to lift heavy loads through any locomotives or electrical cranes. Those with high torque are widely used in various types of DC motors in industries.

  • High-Speed Controlling Ability

Unlike AC motors, DC motors have a high ability to control speed. No matter whether you’re looking to have control of the speed above or below the range, a DC motor is sufficient. DC motor speed control, like shunted electric motors, is widely used nowadays.

  • Absence of Harmonic Effect

Another advantage of using DC motors is no harmonic effect. When other induction motors are used, they produce harmonic effects. Such harmonics are a real loss of power, energy, and system efficiency. DC motor innovations lead to the elimination of harmonic problems, if any, in DC motors.

  • Fast Control on Motors

Unlike AC motors which are difficult to control quickly and accurately, DC motors benefit you with this control. You can resolve all the problems regarding control of the motor within seconds through the DC motor. Feel free to start, stop, and reverse the performance of DC motor voltage with high efficiency.

  • Less Operational Cost

Besides other DC motor benefits, having less operational cost is another blessing. This property leads to effective performance and low DC motor maintenance. Such efficient performances give the motors and duty induction drive inverters an edge. Save operational costs by preferring the use of DC motors over AC motors.

  • Low Rectification Needs

In comparison with AC motors, DC motors need less rectification. Moreover, you have fewer electronic requirements for successfully working electronic-based circuits. As most circuits get a direct power source, high rectification needs are not purposeful.

  • Higher Speed Regulation

Another reason for the popularity of DC motors lies in their high-speed regulation. For better speed regulation and high working control, it’s great to use DC motors. Opt for the precise uses of DC motors and avail better speed regulation in electronic systems.

Limitations of DC Motor

After learning about the advantages of DC motors over AC motors, engineers and experts prefer to use DC motors everywhere. But just like amazing benefits, there are certain limitations to using DC motors. However, DC motor future trends tend to have no limitations in resolving issues. Here are some of the limitations users can face with DC motors:

  • The high initial cost of installation
  • The presence of brush gear and commutator
  • More chances of commutation failure
  • The inability to operate in hazardous and explosive conditions

Applications of DC Motors

DC motors have wide applications in different fields. For example, the DC motor for robotics has made artificial intelligence reliable and quick. Similarly, DC motors in medical devices and DC motors in aerospace have improved the efficiency of systems, leading to better results and flight. Moreover, there are certain applications in electric trains, paper mills, steel mills, elevators, and cranes.

Brushed DC Motor

Concluding Remarks!

After a comprehensive guide on the advantages of DC motors over AC motors, you can pick the right choice. DC motors in automation with high efficiency make this technology super to use. But again, this decision should not be made in a hurry as it’s a matter of the purpose for which you want to install it.

Both motors have benefits and limitations, but the DC motor has a slight edge over the AC motor due to its high performance. Take advantage of high torque, variable speed control, and quick, cost-effective control in operating systems with DC motors. Get rid of the challenging problem of brushes and commuters by using brushless DC motors.

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