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Application areas of coreless DC motors

There are many types of motors each with a different purpose and its advantages. You must have heard of brushed (DC) and brushless (BLDC) motors. Well, there’s more to the classification of motors you should know. It’s called the coreless DC motor.

What exactly is a coreless DC motor? You know how traditional DC motors have a core inside their armature winding, coreless DC motors have a hollow self-supporting rotor that offers various advantages. These motors are known for their compact size, lightweight nature, and high efficiency. 

coreless DC motor

At its heart lies a coil of wire known as the armature, which is connected to a power source. When electric current flows through the armature, it generates a magnetic field that interacts with magnets strategically positioned around it.

One of the key distinctions of coreless DC motors is the absence of a traditional iron core in the armature. This lack of a core eliminates the inertia and inefficiency that can result from the core’s weight and friction. As a result, coreless DC motors are incredibly responsive and quick to start and stop.

This makes them ideal for applications where rapid and precise movements are essential.These motors are also known for their smooth operation, producing minimal vibration and noise. This characteristic is particularly important in applications where quietness is a priority, such as in medical devices and robotics.

You’d be shocked to know that coreless DC motors are capable of producing a significant amount of power relative to their size. This compact yet powerful nature makes them a preferred choice in industries that demand high power density and space-saving solutions.

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Continue reading to learn about how the coreless DC motor is used in various industries from medicine to robotics; you might get a few ideas on how best to make use of this compact motor yourself. But before we talk about the industries, let’s look at the advantages of this motor. 


Advantages of Coreless DC Motors

Coreless DC motors have some impressive advantages that set them apart from other types of electric motors. These traits make them a preferred choice for specific applications where precision, efficiency, and compactness are required. Let’s take a closer look at the key advantages and characteristics that make coreless DC motors stand out.

1. Lightweight Construction

Coreless DC motors are designed without the traditional iron core in their armature. This absence of a heavy core makes them exceptionally lightweight. As a result, these motors are perfect for applications that require minimal weight, such as wearable medical devices and lightweight robotic arms.

2. Quick Response

The absence of a heavy core also contributes to the coreless DC motor’s rapid response time. These motors can quickly accelerate and decelerate, making them ideal for applications where precise and rapid movements are necessary, like in-camera gimbals or surgical robots.

3. Smooth and Quiet Operation

Coreless DC motors operate smoothly and quietly. This characteristic is useful in devices like electric toothbrushes, where a quiet motor enhances the user experience. Additionally, in medical equipment like infusion pumps, the quiet operation of coreless DC motors ensures patient comfort.

4. High Power Density

Despite their small size, coreless DC motors can generate a considerable amount of power. This high power density is invaluable in applications like remote-controlled vehicles and drones, where space is limited, but strong performance is vital.

5. Efficiency

Coreless DC motors are known for their efficiency in converting electrical energy into mechanical motion. This efficiency is beneficial for battery-operated devices, extending their runtime without sacrificing performance.

coreless DC motor

6. Low Inertia

The absence of a heavy core contributes to low inertia in coreless DC motors. This low inertia enables quick changes in rotational direction, making them suitable for applications like prosthetic limbs that require precise and natural movements.

7. Wide Speed Range

Coreless DC motors can operate at a wide range of speeds. This versatility is invaluable in applications like precision tools and equipment, as well as in robotics where different tasks require varying speeds.

8. Durability

With fewer moving parts and reduced friction, these motors tend to have longer lifespans, contributing to the reliability of the devices they power.

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Application Fields of Coreless DC Motors

This is where things start to get interesting. Coreless DC motors are used in a variety of fields. Let’s go in-depth into some of these fields below. 

Consumer Electronics

Coreless DC motors find a significant presence in the world of consumer electronics, from everyday devices to cutting-edge gadgets, these motors contribute to the smooth operation and compact design of a wide range of products.

● Coreless DC motors are the force behind the silent vibrations in your smartphone. When you receive a call or a notification, it’s a coreless DC motor that produces a subtle vibration, alerting you without disrupting others around you.

● In the world of photography and videography, coreless DC motors drive the stabilization systems in gimbals. These motors work tirelessly to counteract camera shake, ensuring smooth and steady shots.

● Many wearable devices, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches, utilize coreless DC motors to provide haptic feedback and alerts. The compact size and low power consumption of these motors make them an ideal fit for wearables.

● Coreless DC motors add a tactile dimension to gaming controllers. They create subtle vibrations and feedback that enhance the gaming experience, such as simulating the feeling of driving on different surfaces in racing games.

● Electric toothbrushes and razors often rely on coreless DC motors for their quiet yet effective operation. These motors deliver the necessary motion while maintaining a discreet and comfortable user experience.

● Many portable fans, especially those designed for personal use, incorporate coreless DC motors for their lightweight design, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. These motors help keep users cool without adding bulk.

● Coreless DC motors are at the heart of various smart home devices, such as automated curtain openers and air purifiers. Their compact size and efficiency make them well-suited for integration into these devices.

Medical Devices

Contributing to advancements in healthcare technology and patient care. These motors bring a blend of precision, efficiency, and reliability to various medical applications. 

● Coreless DC motors power the pumping mechanisms in infusion devices, accurately delivering medications and fluids to patients. Their quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment for patients undergoing treatments.

● These motors also enable delicate and precise movements in surgical robots, assisting surgeons in performing minimally invasive procedures with exceptional accuracy.

● They contribute to the smooth operation of movable parts in medical imaging equipment such as CT scanners and MRI machines. Their reliability ensures accurate diagnostics.

● In prosthetic limbs, coreless DC motors create natural and responsive movements, enhancing the mobility and quality of life for individuals with limb loss.

● Coreless DC motors are used in respiratory devices to control airflow and pressure, ensuring optimal performance in ventilators and CPAP machines.

● Other applications of cordless DC motors in medicine include handheld analyzers, handheld ultrasounds, and DNA sequencers. 

Robotics and Automation

These motors offer the speed, responsiveness, and compactness required for various robotic applications. 

● Coreless DC motors power the joints and actuators of industrial robots, allowing them to perform tasks with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability in manufacturing and assembly lines.

● These motors drive the propellers and control surfaces of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), providing the necessary thrust and control for flight.

● Coreless motors are used in AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) for warehouse logistics and material handling, ensuring smooth and precise movement within dynamic environments.

● They are vital components in exploration robots used in environments that are difficult for humans to access, such as underwater or in space.

● In agriculture, coreless DC motors are used in automated equipment for tasks like planting, harvesting, and sorting, optimizing efficiency and yield.

Aerospace and Defense

Coreless DC motors contribute to the functioning of various critical systems, from aircraft control surfaces to defense equipment. 

● They power the actuators that control aeronautical surfaces such as flaps, ailerons, and elevators, ensuring stable and responsive flight maneuvers.

● Coreless DC motors drive UAVs’ propulsion systems and control surfaces, enabling these vehicles to perform surveillance, reconnaissance, and even combat missions.

● They are used in satellite mechanisms for tasks like antenna deployment, solar panel positioning, and attitude control, maintaining the satellite’s proper orientation in space.

● Coreless DC motors contribute to the precision and reliability of missile guidance systems and weapon aiming mechanisms, ensuring accurate targeting.

● In commercial aircraft, coreless DC motors power various cabin systems such as ventilation louvers, seat adjustments, and entertainment screens, enhancing passenger comfort.

● They drive robotic systems used in bomb disposal, hazardous material handling, and reconnaissance missions, minimizing risks to human personnel.

● Coreless DC motors are employed in aerospace instrumentation, powering instruments such as gyroscopes and accelerometers for navigation and data collection.

● They contribute to the functioning of avionic systems like radar antennas, electronic warfare systems, and communication equipment.

Final Thoughts

Coreless DC motors offer much more than what is listed in this article and it should be obvious by now that the importance of these motors cannot be overemphasized, their compact and efficient nature makes them the perfect building blocks for various machines in different industries and it’s hard to imagine how the world would function without them.

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