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What is a DC reduction motor? Benefits and uses

What is a DC Reduction Motor?

DC reduction motor also popularly known as DC gear motor is the combination of a gearbox and a motor; it was first created based on the regular DC motor.

This combination helps in reducing the speed and increasing the output of the torque. When dealing with DC reduction motors, speed, efficiency, and torque are very important parameters that are taken into consideration.

DC Reduction Motor

DC reduction motors are used in a variety of appliances because of their range of functions like robots, automobiles, and many others.

In the construction of a DC motor, having a magnetic field is essential and it is established with the use of magnets which can be either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. 

The permanent magnet type of DC motor is a type of DC motor that makes use of permanent magnets to formulate the magnetic field necessary for the smooth operation of the motor.

The stator is created using a permanent magnet which is commutated using commutators and brushes. 

When it comes to designing a reduction motor, it is important that the gearbox and motor are paired properly and the ratio is proportionate. 


Benefits of Using DC Reduction Motor

Numerous benefits are ascribed to using a gear motor as compared to the traditional motors, their importance cannot be overemphasized. Some of them include.

Gear motors ensure that the DC motor is properly matched with the gearhead which helps in providing a superb combination for attaining high energy efficiency and elongating the lifespan of your application.

The compact design of a DC motor enables easy running of the application because the lubrication is better controlled and the risk of leakage and overheating is minimized.

In a DC reduction motor, the DC motor is designed in a closed area with the gearbox which ensures the smooth and quiet running of the application.

This is also achievable because the alignment of the gear train, rotor, and pinion are precise.

Most machinery that are coupled together usually have alignment problems but with no coupling necessary; the DC reduction motor is seen to be a very convenient motor.

As compared to a direct drive motor, the gears that are built into a gear motor help in transferring power efficiently.

When talking about the costs, gear motors are relatively cheaper as compared to traditional motors. They reduce the general cost of running applications because they enhance torque and reduce speed.

Additionally, as they are combined, there is no need to purchase these items individually, thereby saving costs. The process of installing this motor is also economical and does not require much maintenance.

Gear motors are advantageous when it comes to preserving the environment and even the workers who operate them. Traditional electric motors contribute to the pollution of the environment because of the gas emission.

However, with the use of gear motors, this emission can be reduced since they do not emit as much as electrical motors.

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How to Select the Right DC Reduction Motor? 

A DC reduction motor selection process can be quite challenging but there are some key points to consider that help ensure you get the right choice. Some of them include:

Determining your torque, voltage, and speed should be the utmost priority. This is because they are the most important features to watch out for before selecting a DC reduction motor.

Immediately you understand these factors, you can begin your quest to secure the best motor for yourself. The most efficient trick is to aim for a motor that is at its peak of efficiency.

While selecting your ideal motor, the voltage should also be ascertained; the electrical power source influences the motor voltage largely. In every DC motor, the speed level is very critical to the proper working of the motor.

It is important to take into consideration the maximum and constant speed at which the motor runs. The motor torque is known to be the amount of load that can be handled by the output shaft.

The torque of a motor and its speed are interwoven and closely connected; if one rises, the other decreases.

The best way to better understand the relationship between the torque and the speed is the monitor the performance of the motor curve which can be included in the specification of the motor.


Select the Right DC Reduction Motor


It is important to select a DC reduction motor that suits the torque and speed requirement that you desire.

The size and performance of the motor should also be taken into consideration. An ideal motor size is necessary for most applications but it can become a hindrance when a particular amount of performance is required.

Generally, smaller motors are less powerful than their larger counterparts. Depending on your specific needs, you might need to forfeit some performance features to enable size limits.

There are various ways to counter the limit in size by using different kinds of motor technology such as brushless motors or even motors that use permanent magnets.

The duty cycle of your application will determine the type of application that’s ideal for you. The directional rotation, dwell rotation, and operating durations are critical when determining your duty cycle.

While most applications advise that a motor be used in intermittent cycles to ensure longevity, continuous usage is still practicable; however, it might not function at its highest capacity. 

At times, you might require more torque than the conventional DC motor can provide. A brush DC gear motor is the best option for you as it has higher torque and a decreased level of speed based on the gear used.

Gear motors are divided into three kinds; the spur gear motor, the worm gear motor, and the planetary gear motor.

They each have their specific advantage and benefits. Before selecting a gear motor, critically examine these gears find which best aligns with your needs, and learn how to select the right DC motor


Precautions When Using and Selecting a DC Reduction Motor

When it comes to using a DC reduction motor, there are certain ways to preserve the lifespan of the item. Some of these ways include.

Avoid starting and stopping too frequently to change the direction of the motor; this is because the current used at the starting torque is regarded as the top point of the current.

To be able to start and stop often, an intermediary rest period is necessary to ensure efficient workings.The humidity status is something that should not be overlooked.

An ambient atmosphere is most preferable because in the case of a humid environment, water could easily penetrate the DC motor and in the case of a dusty setting, burnout is imminent. 

There would be a rise in temperature once the motor is overloaded, so it is important to pay close attention to how your motor is in use to avoid burnout in the long run.


What is a DC Reduction Motor Used For?

DC reduction motors are small geared motors used for small fluid pumps, rotating trays, and other laboratory applications.

With their linear performance, these motors are most preferred when it comes to applications requiring additional control for any user.  Generally, reduction motors have fixed-speed devices and are AC-powered.

However, it cannot be set aside that there are such that have variable speed and create a more stable level of control. Most DC gear motors are used for automotive applications like windshield wipers, power winches on most trucks, cranes, power seats, and many others.

They are also used in appliances like electric shavers and mixers. Other instances where geared motors are used include:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining industry
  • Railway transport
  • Mechanical engineering industry

Besides, DC-geared motors have a variety of uses; they are professionally made to be used in critical medical applications. These gears help give these appliances the utmost precision and accuracy required for the medical profession. 



A DC gear motor is a combination of both a gearbox and a motor. It is very efficient when it comes to the development of various kinds of applications ranging from household and domestic appliances to industrial appliances.

DC gear motors are well-known for their easy transfer of power. Protecting the environment is a huge plus that is associated with the use of gear motors as well.

With its involvement in various spheres like medicine, agriculture, mining, and many others, the role of DC reduction motors cannot be undermined. 

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