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36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools

 36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools
  •  36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools
  •  36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools
  •  36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools

Short Description:

High quality DBL3657 36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools from China, China's leading Brushless DC Motor product market, With strict quality control Brushless DC Motor factories, Producing high quality DBL3657 36mm High Torque BLDC Motor inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools products...

  • Product Name: BLDC Motor
  • Type: Inner Rotor
  • Output: Approx 5W~50W
  • Rated Voltage: 12V 18V 24V (Customized)
  • Speed: 7230rpm(At maximum efficiency)

Product Details

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DBL3657 36mm High Torque BLDC Motor Inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor For Power Tools

Quick Detail:

BLDC Motor

Built-in Driver

Inner Rotor

Motor Terminations:6 Pins

Adjustable Rated Voltage

Controllable Motor Rotation(CW/CCW)

Ball Bearing or Oil Bearing Optional

High Torque

Low Noise 40db

Life Span 10000~15000 hours

ODM,OEM Service


Model DBL3657I
Size Diam 36mm * L 57mm
Rated Voltage 12~24V DC (Customized)
Speed(At the maximum efficiency) 7230rpm
Torque(At the maximum efficiency)
Stall Torque
Shaft Diameter 4mm
Efficiency 65%-85%
Ball Bearing or Oil Bearing Can be customized
Direction of Rotation CCW / CW
Noise 30db
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃(25℃best)
Life span 10000~15000hrs(Up to the speed of the bldc motor & the using situation)

Motor Terminations

No. Pin Arrangement
2 FG


BLDC motors are an advanced type of brushless electric motor that utilizes a brushless design for increased efficiency and reliability. They typically include a built-in driver that manages the rotation of the inner rotor. The motor terminals are typically 6 pins, which allow for easy connection to the power source and control circuitry. The motors are adjustable, meaning that the rated voltage can be modified according to the specific application. Controllable motor rotation is a key feature that allows for precise control of the direction and speed of the motor's rotation. The motors are also equipped with ball bearings or oil bearings optional, allowing for greater flexibility in design and application. The motors are high torque, making them suitable for high-load applications. Additionally, they are low-noise, with a noise level of 40 decibels, making them suitable for use in noisy environments. The life span of these motors is 10,000 to 15,000 hours, which is dependent on the speed of the BLDC motor and the usage situation. Finally, we provide ODM and OEM services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Typical Application:

The Brushless dc motors are widely used in various fields, including personal care, household appliances, power tools, commercial equipment, medical equipment,etc.


Packing:Foam Box+ Export Carton


Shipping Time:5-7 working days for samples.15-25 working days for bulk order.

Shipping Channel:We can check the shipping fee and channel with our agents if needed.


1.What is a Brushless DC Motor?
A: The brushless DC motor is a type of electric motor that uses permanent magnets and electronic commutation to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They eliminate the need for brushes and commutators, which are commonly found in brushed DC motors.

2.How does a Brushless DC Motor work?
A: Brushless DC motors work by using an electronic controller to commutate the motor's stator coils. The controller senses the position of the rotor and switches the coils' polarity accordingly, causing the rotor to rotate. The controller can also regulate the speed by varying the amount of current sent to the coils.

3.What are the advantages of Brushless DC Motors?
A: Brushless DC motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors. These include: higher efficiency, longer lifespan, lower maintenance requirements, quieter operation, and the ability to operate over a wider range of speeds.

4.What are the common applications for Brushless DC Motors?
A: Brushless DC motors are commonly used in a variety of applications where high efficiency and reliability are required, including: household appliances, pumps and fans, electric vehicles, industrial automation, and medical equipment.

5.What is the difference between a Brushless DC Motor and a Brushed DC Motor?
A: Brushless DC motors eliminate the need for brushes and commutators by using electronic commutation instead. This allows them to operate more efficiently and with lower maintenance requirements than brushed DC motors.

6.What is meant by 'torque density' in Brushless DC Motors?
A: Torque density in brushless DC motors refers to the amount of torque produced per unit volume of the motor. It is a measure of how powerful a motor is for its size and is an important factor in selecting a brushless DC motor for a specific application.

7.What is the role of Hall-effect sensors in Brushless DC Motors?
A: Hall-effect sensors are used in brushless DC motors to sense the position of the rotor and provide feedback to the electronic controller. The controller uses this feedback to commutate the motor's coils properly and achieve smooth rotation of the rotor.

8.What are the maintenance requirements for Brushless DC Motors?
A: Brushless DC motors require relatively low maintenance compared to brushed DC motors. Typical maintenance tasks may include regular cleaning and filtering of the motor's internal components, replacement of wear-prone parts like bearings and belts, and checking electrical connections for tightness and corrosion. However, specific maintenance requirements depend on the application and type of brushless DC motor being used.

9.How long is the delivery ,producing and shipping?

A: Deliver time depends on the quantity you order. usually it takes 15-25 working days.

10.How to order?

A: send us inquiry → receive our quotation → negotiate details → confirm the sample → sign contract/deposit → mass production →cargo ready → balance/delivery → further cooperation

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